The story so far ...

The 'Immortal' project started to take shape in the mind of game music composer Ruben Monteiro back in 1997 with the idea of creating an audio CD with studio enhancements of classic Amiga game tunes. Since it would contain only tunes from the Amiga computer's golden era of 1989-1993, it was eventually to be called 'Roots' at first, referring to that music as precisely the roots of today's videogame soundtracks. However, as development of the project progressed, Ruben started to notice the works of recent Amiga composers and decided to feature some of them on the album as well. Instead of simply arranging all of the music himself for CD, he approached original artists Allister Brimble, Barry Leitch, Darryl Sloan and Jochen Heizmann, who created studio mixes of their game music. In addition to that, Bjorn Lynne licensed one of his tracks for
Immortal. The final product was released by the end of 1999 and featured a CD-Rom part including liner notes as well as a lavishly drawn videoclip featuring the main character from Psygnosis cult game 'Shadow of the Beast'.

After having listened to 'Immortal', composer and game music fanatic Jan Zottmann got in touch with Ruben Monteiro and together they discussed ideas for a possible sequel. Since the latter had moved on to other projects, Jan took finally over production duties for the new album in 2000. Instead of showing an overview of Amiga game music history from the early days until now, the second volume focussed on tracks composed between 1989 and 1993 this time. Almost all of the brand-new studio versions exclusively recorded for
Immortal 2 were achieved by the creators of the original pieces: Chris Hülsbeck, Andrew Barnabas, Tim Wright, Jochen Hippel or Richard Joseph for example. German graphic wizards 'The Light Works' created the stunning artwork for the CD booklet. The release of the album in fall 2002 was followed by the launch of a new 'Immortal' website at, the first homepage for the project since 'Monteiro Music' went out of business in 2000.

While work on the third volume started immediately after the release of ‘Immortal 2’, it took almost four years to complete Immortal 3. Arguably one of the most ambitious European game music projects to date, this massive double CD has been published by synSONIQ Records and features over 150 minutes of arranged music from no less than classic 35 Amiga games. Jan Zottmann was at the helm of production again, this time supported by Thomas Böcker of Merregnon Studios. Artists such as Jason Page, Olof Gustafsson, Tim Bartlett and Jim Cuomo joined ‘Immortal’ veterans like Brimble, Leitch or Lynne. Series creator Ruben Monteiro made a guest appearance as an arranger. The CDs were finally mastered at Pauler Acoustics, the very same studio Chris Hülsbeck used in 1993 to master his legendary 'Turrican' soundtrack. A particular musical highlight of the album is certainly the epic live orchestral recording of Hülsbeck’s ‘Apidya’ main title which was also performed by the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra when ‘Immortal 3’ exclusively premiered on June 14, 2006 in Stockholm during a concert of ‘PLAY! A Video Game Symphony’, the first symphony world tour featuring music from blockbuster video games.

... to be continued!